New & Improved To-Do List!

Are you overwhelmed and exhausted AND have too much to do?  Are you wondering how you are going to do everything?  The thought of it all makes you more tired?

I came up with this strategy when I found myself overwhelmed.  The result of SWATS
is my “new and improved to-do list.”


Stop              Stop when you can stop.

Write              Grab a notepad. Write down all the things that come to your mind; all your                             “to-do’s.”  Don’t worry about the order or organizing the items.

Arrange         Arrange the items in groupings.  Use one sheet of paper or a number of                                 sheets depending on what works best for you.  Categories may be as                              follows:  calls, at computer, errands, actions, and waiting for.

Time              Note the amount of time for each task, in minutes, next to each item (as                                    posted on a February 22nd, 2013 Facebook post).

Schedule      Map out when you can tackle each task and schedule it!

Key things to remember:  We can only do so much, be realistic about what you can do in one day (given interruptions, e-mails, phone calls, your energy level).  Group like things together and take care of as many of the same tasks in one segment as possible- this approach helps those who want better focus.

Apple users:  Use reminders and have a page for each category.

Check out “Getting Things Done” by David Allen- he has great ideas. I learned about “Waiting For” in his book.  Changed my life!