Lynne Poulton CPO-CD®

Who doesn’t want an official organizing wingwoman?

I remember organizing my best friend’s desk in the 2nd grade just for the fun of it and being the only teenager to get jazzed about the possibilities of plastic crates. Yet it wasn’t until I discovered the show Clean Sweep that I knew there were people out there who actually called themselves “Professional Organizers”. (Oh hello, personal calling!)

As the only Professional Organizer in Northeast Ohio who maintains three credentials:

Licensed Social Worker

I meet you where you’re at, work at the pace you’re comfortable with, and hold space for all the emotional ups and downs of the decluttering process. As someone who has over 20 years of social work experience and soft skills training, I believe that YOU know yourself best. You’re whole, just as you are. You don’t need to be “fixed” or told what to do. All you need is someone who listens wholeheartedly to your organizational challenges, makes helpful suggestions that support your goals and values, and connects you with the right resources for this chapter in your life.  

And I’d love to be that person for you.

Why the name Wholly Organized! ® ?

Jackie’s completed two quilts since organizing her sewing room

“I carried out four bags of sewing detritus for the Grandma’s Attic sale at the Spring Quilt Guild show. In addition to having neatly organized and labeled cabinets and cleared counters, I am finding that my sewing has become more efficient. I’m sure that is because I no longer spend time looking for things as everything has its allotted space.”

– Jackie

This process isn’t about getting rid of as much as possible. It’s about creating more space for what matters most to you.

So when you look at the chaos surrounding you and can’t even begin to make sense of it, I want you to take a big breath and remember: You don’t have to do this alone. It’s ok to get help dealing with your “stuff”. (Hey, I don’t keep a perfect house and I hire professional organizers a few times a year to hold me accountable to my goals, too!) 

I recognize that getting organized can be a multifaceted emotional journey. Your things aren’t just “things”…they’re woven into your story and your relationships. When you come across a photo of a loved one you’ve lost and you feel a memory catch in your throat, we can take the tea break you need. When you’re thinking about selling the collectibles your mom passed down to you and the guilt creeps in, we can navigate that sticky spot together. Not only am I an extra set of hands on deck—I’m your accountability partner and biggest cheerleader, every step of this process.

Maria got the decision-making help she needed to reach her goals

“As a baby boomer, my first goal in hiring Wholly Organized! was to not leave a big mess for my children to deal after I eventually pass. My second goal was to get guidance around allowing myself to let go of expensive clothing. My third goal was to have one closet of wearable clothing that honors me. While working with Lynne for nine hours, I have donated, sold, and consigned over a 150 items. It feels so freeing!”

– Maria

Wholly Organized!® Values Creativity

Professional Memberships

Wholly Organized!®


You’re inviting me into your home and trusting me with your personal effects. This is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. From shredding sensitive documents to the heart-to-hearts we share, our work together remains strictly confidential.

I respect the Code of Ethics of NAPO, ICD and the Ohio Social Worker Board.



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