Getting organized is about more than making sure miscellaneous items aren’t flying at your face whenever you open a cupboard door...

It’s about being able to pack for a family trip without arguments, because you know exactly where to find everything you need…

It’s about living with less and actually enjoying your belongings, because you’ve created space for what puts a smile on your face…

And it’s about accomplishing tasks on your to-do list, because your space supports where you’re at in life and functions the way you need it to.

Clutter can have a serious impact on our mood, productivity, relationships, and quality of life.

When you need someone to keep you moving through the decluttering process and help you navigate decisions along the way, I’m here to support you.


Judy maximized the space and accessibility of her storage locker

“Our storage locker had become a collecting spot for everything (fishing gear, golf clubs, garden implements, tools, paint, household supplies) and I needed a spot for my sewing, wood crafts, and photography. We worked together to declutter and clean up the space. We packed up things that I had wanted to give my kids for years and donated a number of items. Lynne kept me moving through the process, supported me along the way, and mediated decision making as necessary. She’s very skilled in working with couples and making sure all concerns are heard.” 

– Judy

Wholly Organized!® Values Enthusiasm & Accountability

You know you need a professional organizer when...

You’re downsizing and you’ve got years of accumulated stuff to deal with first.

After years of raising a family, entertaining, and enjoying hobbies in your home, how do you decide what comes with you? I can help you let go of belongings that don’t serve you anymore and organize the items and mementos you treasure most.

You recently lost a loved one and need help sorting through their belongings.

Whether you’re a surviving spouse or child, you need loving, patient support for decision-making and mediating family emotions. I can help you decide what to sell or donate, organize the Estate, and assist with disbursement of items.

Your chronic disorganization and cluttered space is cramping your lifestyle.

Late for work because you can’t find the outfit you want to wear? Have two rooms that are totally useless because they’ve become “dumping grounds”? Let’s create the clean, livable space that clears your mind and inspires you to live better!

Your parents need organizational help and you’re miles away or overscheduled.

Whether your parents need help emptying out the family home to sell it, your dad is moving into assisted living, or your mom needs help packing and shipping fragile family heirlooms, I can handle their heavy boxes and stubborn streak with a smile.

You can never find what you’re looking for because you can’t see what you have.

How often do your favorite earrings go missing or a utility bill gets lost and you’re hit with late fees? Let’s find a home for everything, so you can stop losing and misplacing things, and quit wasting your money buying things you already own.

You lead a busy life and you just don’t have time to clean up and get rid of things.

You need someone who can help you stay focused and be more efficient with your time. Let’s tackle specific tasks, dispose of unneeded items, and recycle and donate appropriate items to causes you care about so other people can use them.

You’re moving and need to rock those open houses, so you can get a quick sale.

What to display, pack and store, dispose of, sell or donate…so many decisions! Make the transition easier with my help. We’ll declutter, organize, and create an inviting home that potential buyers can envision themselves living in, so the offers roll in.

You’re drowning under papers and worried about losing important documents.

You’re constantly clearing surfaces only to stack them up again. We’ll take those paper piles and create categories, labels, and filing systems that work for you, so all your important documents can be easily found the moment you need them.

Wholly Organized tackled a challenging transition for Mary’s dad

“After my mom passed, Lynne stepped in to assess our organizing needs and worked diligently to make our plans happen. She sorted and arranged for the removal of 50 years of items that were stored in my parents’ home. She emphasized recycling and finding buyers for items that had maintained value. Her skills keeping track of donated items for tax purposes were an added benefit. She was very trustworthy and a pleasure to have as a professional support during a very trying time.”

– Mary

Service fees and payment:

My hourly rate is $85/hour and organizing sessions are a 3-hour minimum.

If you’ve got a specific budget in mind, we can talk about how to
make progress on your most important goals within your allotted budget.

I also offer virtual organizing services on a limited basis.
You can book a free phone consult to request more details!


Wholly Organized!®
Values Empathy


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