Maria  Clothing Closets

As a baby boomer, my first goal in hiring Wholly Organized! was to not leave a big mess for my children to deal after I eventually pass. My second goal was to get guidance around allowing myself to let go of expensive clothing. My third goal was to have one closet of wearable clothing that honors me. While working with Lynne for nine hours, I have donated, sold, and consigned over a 150 items. It feels so freeing! I am well on my way to realizing my three de-cluttering goals.What Wholly Organized! provided me, that I valued the most, was that with Lynne’s support, I was finally compelled to do something. I gained help with decision making, which helped lift a huge burden from me that I have been carrying for years. I feel like I have gone from bondage to freedom. If you are seriously thinking about hiring Lynne, do it, without thinking twice.

Keri  Prep for a Move

After working with Wholly Organized!® not only did I have three very clean rooms, with everything organized and a lot of things donated and recycled that we were not using, but also a peaceful feeling. Lynne has the amazing ability to quickly assess the needs of the homeowners based upon what they currently own and the storage space available, and then take that knowledge gained in a short timeframe and rework the space to better serve the homeowners. I was surprised that I had way more extra space than I thought I did, and didn’t really have to buy any additional storage or organizational products to put my stuff away neatly. If I had not hired Lynne to help me pack and stage our house, I would still be working on it 6 months later. She helped me complete this unachievable task in a matter of three days. The day it went on the market, it sold, two hours after the first viewers walked through the doors. This would not have been possible, had it not been for Lynne.

Laura  Home Areas

I gained a better understanding of what organization looks like in this stage of life while working with Wholly Organized!®. It’s a process and it’s never truly done, and I must continue working at it so that it stays organized. Lynne taught me skills that I have continued to use in other areas of my home. With her encouragement and empowerment I could continue with this process on my own. I wholeheartedly think it’s worth it to hire a professional organizer, and I was surprised at how much we could get accomplished in a fairly short period of time!

Barbara  Home Areas

It took me a while before I called Lynne, but I also found her library talk to be very helpful and informative; that’s what I needed to feel comfortable! It was a very pleasant and positive experience to get a jump start on decluttering and organizing my basement room. I was able to set and accomplish goals. Wholly Organized!® connected me with added resources for donations and help to get furniture removed. In the past I haven’t been able to do it myself, and it was embarrassing to engage friends and family members in cleaning up my work. But since I was paying for it, I was more motivated to complete the work. My privacy was respected too! Look at Lynne’s website and monthly newsletter to see how she has helped others. I was surprised how well it went working with Lynne, and I would definitely recommend her to others with no hesitation!

Jessica  Home & Office

What I was doing alone WAS NOT working. It may seem expensive, but in the process you will learn when put into action it will create a return on investment that is very much in your favor. I can look at an organizing task now, remembering what Lynne has taught me, and I’m able to move forward with confidence. I’m able to calm my overwhelm when taking a close look at the “mountain” of all the things to do and handle in my life. Lynne is a partner who is kind, compassionate and keeps me on task. It’s also a judgement free zone that allows for me to make progress on what I want to accomplish. My surprise came in how powerful I felt after each session. The items she left me to do when complete created satisfaction and peace for me. I’m a constant work in progress and Wholly Organized!® is a partner I never regret hiring!

Nancy  Prep for a Move

My personal story of wanting to organize my basement in preparation for my next move became the best thing ever due to 3 flooded basements in a period of 4 months. Now, I am a pro at the clean up without the worry of throwing away wet items because everything was on shelves and in plastic containers! I was finally able to get my projects started and completed. Previous to Lynne’s assistance, the projects remained in my head. Lots of planning but no action on my end. I work best in a “buddy” system and having a professional organizer to assist me and keep me on track expedited my goal of organizing for a future downsize and move. Completion of organizing cluttered spaces to allow more clarity, peaceful state of mind and the ability to move forward in my life. Lynne is a great listener and knows how to hold the space needed in moments of emotional attachments and detachments. Yet, she maintains the professional boundaries. I look forward to our targeted clean up dates because Wholly Organized!® is the “best bang for your buck.”

Nora  Home Areas

You will never regret time spent working with Wholly Organized!®. Lynne has filled a need for me to get organized, but from working with her, it became a gift to myself. The calmness I got from clearing out unnecessary “stuff” in my closet, house, and life became obvious in my day to day relaxation and contentedness. I felt lighter. When you work with Lynne, not only does she arrive chipper and ready to work, she has a game plan. Then, at the end of your session, when you’re tired and want to rest, SHE takes the trash and recycling! She makes a list of your donation items, takes them and donates them, and she mails you the list and receipt for your taxes! I now have a good inventory of my keepsake items, Christmas supplies, holiday decorations…everything is categorized, labeled and streamlined. Lynne is absolutely trustworthy, thoughtful, and a very hard worker. She looks out for her customers and can sense when they are tired, frustrated, or need redirecting. Lynne never makes anyone feel embarrassed about needing help with a project. She was recommended to me several years ago when my children were getting older and I needed to sort through all of the accumulated overflow in my house. I work, volunteer, cook, clean, etc. All of the things many moms do, and this project would have stalled many times without her expertise. From then on I turned to Lynne. She has helped me pack-up to move, unpack, and reorganize.

Barbara  Decluttering Apartment

Lynne helped me sort my entire apartment in preparation for my move. The process was so easy with her by my side. Lynne helps things go smoothly. It was a blessing that she took two carloads of items I no longer needed to be donated. I enjoyed working with Lynne and I am very pleased that I am in my new apartment. Don’t waste another minute, hire Wholly Organized!

Brenda  House Move

The result from working with Lynne has been getting more organized and having assistance with packing for my move which made the process move more quickly. The most helpful part of working with Lynne was cleaning out things – identifying places to sell, donate, etc. Lynne is extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with and encouraging. It is very useful to have someone who is neutral to help make decisions about items to keep or sell/donate. I was surprised at how much we got done in each of our three-hour blocks. The amount of packing we got done the last day was so beneficial to my process. Thank you for your assistance – your support, encouragement, and suggestions. 

Linda  House Move

I don’t really think I could have completed my long distance move without the assistance of Wholly Organized. The new owners of the house wanted me out ASAP. Lynne handled the donations, sales, and disposal of trash. She gave me homework and kept me focused. All my adult children live out of town. Lynne was there when I needed her. She also has a delightful, upbeat personality. I now have the knowledge to keep my home organized. It relieves me of stress. If they are stressed with an overwhelming task, Wholly Organized can help you get through the most difficult time. She had me looking at items that I forgot existed!

Traci  Pack & Unpack

Because of working with Lynne and Wholly Organized, I have A MOVE-IN Ready Kitchen. I appreciate the products Lynne brought with her & the layout we came up with, which functioned smoothly immediately upon moving in. Lynne’s ability to work with many personalities in an exhausting and crazy atmosphere and keep it light and fun for everyone was the best! Lynne also made sure my husband felt heard and kept us focused on the task at hand. You ROCKED it!   

Sherri  Activities Room at a Facility

My office and workspace looks clean and welcoming. We can find things easier. Everything is labeled. I really like having supplies in one cupboard hidden. I never thought about moving them there. Hiring Wholly Organized is the best thing I have done for my office space! Well worth it to have Lynne help you with many decisions and systems for keeping, throwing, or donating. I am very impressed on how fast you are at doing your job. It would take me forever to do what you do. Loved having you help me!

Sharon  Basement

It was great meeting you and working together to complete what I thought was an impossible mission. Your work is well orchestrated and you have a great system in place to get the job done efficiently and expeditiously. I valued everything. Do not hesitate to hire Wholly Organized! – it is well worth it. I was very impressed with the way she handled everything; it went so smoothly. I am already telling all of my friends and family about Lynne and her company. She is a joy to work with and a very hard worker. It is amazing what we accomplished in the time that we spent together.

Krista  Family Heirlooms & Living Room

The three hours I spent with Lynne at Wholly Organized were packed, or shall I say “unpacked” 🙂 with memories, smiles, some laughter and getting more things accomplished than I had even thought possible. Lynne listened to my thoughts about items, but somehow managed to keep me on task without being pushy or overbearing in any way. I never felt forced to part with any of the items, but at the same time I was very motivated to make the rational choices that I knew it was time to make.  I was tired of seeing the boxes piled in the front room of my home. They were a daily reminder of the “job” knew I needed to handle.  My prior, failed attempts just left me with the same boxes, and most of the same stuff. I was thrilled to read about the contest, and entered thinking “what do I have to lose”? I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to utilize Lynne’s wonderful services. I continue to be inspired by the progress that was made that morning, and I’m able to put to good use some of the tips that Lynne shared with me in other areas of my home.  And, I now smile inside when I see the glass cabinet, and of course my all-time favorite picture of Santa.

Chris  Entire Home

During the course of 2015- Lynne helped me work my way through my entire house, including the garage.  I look around in amazement at all that we accomplished and know for sure that I could never have accomplished it all, on my own, the result was fantastic! Lynne is bright and sunny and full of energy, while at the same time being sensitive to the energy level of her clients. Never pushes or insists on a plan of action, just suggests, and usually is able to suggest several choices. Lynne’s knowledge about organization solutions and her connections with other service providers who can help with various projects is both deep and broad. Working alongside her was always a pleasure, never a drudge.  She bent over backward to accommodate my schedule; she is unfailingly encouraging and kind.  Lynne also found and procured for me numerous organizing products and helps that I never would have found on my own, saving me both time and money. It is well worth the time and the money. I did not expect that I would be able to have as much input as I did.  Lynne is a great listener.  During our initial appointment, she asked me a lot of questions, really listened to my answers and took careful notes.  She always considered those findings when we booked appointments, decided on the next thing to tackle, etc.  As we got further into the project and I learned some things from her, I was able to start coming up with some solutions on my own.  Now I have an “organized mind set” that is helping me maintain my systems and even carry some of them further.  I did not expect that. Hiring Lynne was one of the best things I ever did, and I continue to look for opportunities to recommend her to others.

Andrea  Entire Home

Working with Lynne gave me more functionality in my day-to-day routine. Lynne helped me make sense of the chaos that my house was after our cross-country move and removing the burden and stress that came with that. Not only is Lynne very effective, but she is non-judgmental, supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process, and she really helped determine what would work best given my unusual circumstances. She sincerely wants to make a difference in your life and help it better function for you. After working with Lynne- she maintained contact with me through her newsletters and I find it very helpful.

Standolyn Robertson  Lifetime’s “Hoarders: Family Secrets” TV Show

Lynne first joined me on a “Hoarders: Family Secrets” shoot in February of 2015. Right away, I noticed her ability to take a leadership role. I was able to trust Lynne to work directly with our client, while I focused on a different piece of the project. She quite naturally took on the leadership role, freeing me up to work with other team members.I enthusiastically welcomed her back on another shoot in May of 2015. By then, Lynne already had an excellent understanding of my workflow and expectations, making our progress even more significant. I was definitely impressed with the amount and quality of work that she and the 1800-GOT JUNK team accomplished without my supervision in the basement. Lynne is a committed, experience professional organizer. Her compassionate approach demonstrates the dignity and respect she has for clients. She has the compassion and skill set it takes to assist clients through what can be a very difficult process. And I would wholeheartedly recommend Lynne for a leadership role on a team project.

Dorothy the Organizer  Lifetime’s “Hoarders: Family Secrets” TV Show

Lynne was part of a four-person Professional Organizing Team that assisted me with the work for a gentleman who was filmed for an episode of “Hoarders” the Lifetime TV Show. I witnessed Lynne’s ability to lead, sort with efficiency, and work in a challenging environment all while maintaining a positive spirit. For the first time in the history of doing the show, I was confident to leave Lynne and the team alone in the house to continue sorting on Day Two, while I shopped for the client. Above all else, Lynne showed respect and care to the gentleman. On day three we transformed the clients house into a home that he could enjoy and be comfortable entertaining. The team went above and beyond to help him reclaim his home so he could ultimately regain control of his life. Their personal touches could be found in each room of the house leaving him with a lasting impression of their compassion for him and his situation.

Maggie  Downsizing

The result of working with Wholly Organized! has helped me on my way to become WHOLLY ORGANIZED! The quick recognition of the problems and the quick action to solve them was what I valued most from working with Wholly Organized! I was definitely surprised that doing such a hateful task could be so pleasant.

Carol  Wholly Styled! Total Package

Working with Lynne, saved me time & money! I now know where everything is and I can put it back where it belongs. I don’t have to search around and get frustrated. I also can now see everything that I have. I would forget what I had and just go buy more. I really didn’t think it would make much difference working with a professional organizer but it truly had made a difference for me. If you truly want to get organized, you need Wholly Organized! LLC in your life & they will truly help you reach that goal.

Meagen  Office Space and House Move

Wholly Organized! LLC helped me create a, clean, livable office space. Increased time & efficiency at work. An easy transition during a big move. Lynne helped me donate $1500 in goods to Salvation Army, and the equivalent amount to friends with kids. Lynne provided me a clear process and helped me focus with practical tips. Working alongside Lynne- I learned a lot very quickly. She is a true professional with a lot of attention to detail. Lynne made a point about precautions while working. In addition, I love her video segments. 

Karen  Multiple Home Spaces

I was amazed at how much easier it was for me to make a decision on whether “to keep or not to keep.” We worked on eliminating a storage unit and made space for my fiancé. I was surprised by the amount of work we were able to accomplish in three hours.

Gary  Transition

I’ve been able to discard household items. And instead of just throwing them into the dump, I’ve been able to recycle them so others can use them. I lead a very busy life and if I don’t carve out time to do specific things they just don’t get done. Lynne’s time blocking was very valuable. Especially seeing the progress for the numbers of hours we have worked. 

Kathy  Downsize

Lynne is very organized and has excellent follow through. The commitment to getting it done as quickly as possible but still attention to detail, so nothing was overlooked. I felt total relief of stress trying to empty out a parents home going up for sale, while living 2,000+ miles away! 

Wendy  Clothing Closet

I learned great ways to organize things & get rid of a lot of unneeded stuff. Working with Lynne was well worth the money and time if you tend to be unorganized. Prices were upfront and exactly as Lynne said. I am more organized in those rooms even about a year later! 

Julie  De-Clutter & Moving

Wholly Organized! LLC provided me piece of mind and sanity. Lynne is detail oriented and easy to work with. I was surprised at how quickly she could motivate me! I gained a great friend, which I was NOT expecting! 

Berta  Wholly Styled! Total Package

In 2014 I began a transformation with Traci McBride of Tee McBee Image Consulting and Lynne Poulton of Wholly Organized! LLC. After our work together, I get up in the morning and find my clothes easily. I don’t have to think about what to wear. I just pull out my look book and select. It feels great to have clothes that enhance the good features I have, and diminish the not so desirable. 🙂 No longer do I spend time thinking about what to wear or go shopping spending lots of time buying things that don’t fit me. I save time and money by shopping with Traci. She knows my colors, style, best fits and she finds beautiful outfits. My morning routine is easy. Everything has a place in the bathroom so I’m not searching for stuff. Because we de-cluttered the closets I have more space, which also saves me time.Because of Traci and Lynne, I am confidently styled and Wholly Organized! Most of all it feels good to live in an environment where everything has its place and there is no clutter.

Sally  Storage Unit

I am elderly and needed someone physically strong and also willing to be very careful of fragile items that I wanted shipped across the country to my son. Lynne assisted me in sorting through items in my home and in a storage unit that I had for four years. The result of working with Wholly Organized! has been SUCCESS, VICTORY! The items are moved and the storage unit payment is over. Lynne is efficient and my family and I admire her.

Shelly  Basement

I want to thank you again for the wonderful space you created for me and my family. We now have an additional Family Living space that provides so much for the kids. They are now organized and having the time of their lives. Creating the separate areas for each of the boys was perfect. They finally feel like they have their own space they can take pride in, instead of a big pile of messy toys. When we started this project I never dreamed it would turn out this well. It exceeded every expectation I had! Thank you!

Deborah  Paper

Lynne’s professionalism and organizational skills reduced the stress of having to complete and overwhelming task for me 110%. My family suffered a house fire and needed to accomplish the daunting task of organizing the inventory. This was a painstaking chore that she accomplished above and beyond expectations. It was such a relief to have complete confidence in her abilities with positive results for my whole family. Thank you!

Gwen  Paper

Thank you very much for coming over to my house, assessing, and helping me get organized. I really appreciate your time and expertise. You made me realize that it is a task I can handle and not so overwhelming. Thank you for simplifying the task!

Julie  Home Office

I worked with Lynne Poulton of Wholly Organized! in the fall. I needed her help organizing my home office space. In addition to the office organization, she helped me come up with a variety of behaviors and steps within my day to day business to organize my day and streamline other processes. She was such a pleasure to work with! Lynne helped me think through these processes to make them much easier to accomplish in a logical way so they didn’t take up more time than necessary. Although I’m typically an organized person, I was “stuck” and needed her expertise to help me see things differently. She is very easy to work with and her kind demeanor makes it easy to feel comfortable. It’s nice to know that she is just a phone call away and I highly recommend her to anyone who has small organizational problems to someone who needs specialized care for large scale organizing! 

Jackie  Sewing Room

Lynne, you did a great job with me to organize the messy cabinets in my sewing room. In the process we found a lot of treasures (for other people) and some trash. I carried out four bags of sewing detritus for the “Grandma’s Attic” sale at the Spring Quilt Guild show. In addition to having neatly organized and labeled cabinets and cleared counters I am finding that my sewing has become more efficient. I’m sure that is because I no longer spend time looking for things as everything has it allotted space. Since you left I completed two quilts and am starting on another project!

Ralph  Downsizing / Transitional

We built our house 45 years ago and have lived in it very since. During this time we have accumulated many items that have created a mess in several rooms making these rooms less useful. We decided to eliminate those items that were not needed but didn’t know how to go about it. Lynne Poulton of Wholly Organized was recommended to us. Lynne was very pleasant and cooperative and knew just what to do. She also knew of others who disposed of the unneeded items. She sold some items and gave us the proceeds. She obtained a list of tax deductions for items given away. As a result of Lynne’s efforts we now have four additional useful rooms. We are very appreciative of Lynne’s help.

Denise  Office

I was glad when my boss said my office was scary it gave me the chance to make fixing it a priority! After working with Lynne, I have a new office, complete with new furnishings and decor. I had a vision of my office looking this great, but didn’t think it would happen. Lynne helped me create categories for my files (a huge plus!) and got all my files in logical order and put away and labeled in cabinets. The piles are gone! My office is not overwhelming anymore and now that my desk faces my window, I have peace. I had tried to tackle my office countless times…I needed help to get through all the files and paperwork and Lynne provided direction and motivation. The fact that I created a new space has motivated my team to make their offices more functional as well and I’m especially pleased it has had such a positive impact on all! 

Helen  Teen bedroom / Kitchen

Working with Lynne to help organize our kitchen and teen’s room was fantastic! She helped us focus on logical and thoughtful locations for everything. Working together has helped us streamline and simplify our lives and went beyond just the two rooms. We now use strategies she taught us for our home and have confidence to continue them as our family grows.

Lexanne  Multiple home spaces

My stuff had accumulated beyond control. I reached a point to where I decided that I could not take it anymore. Our first visit, and only three hours later, my office was already amazing to me; I actually had it back and did not have to step over piles to get to my desk and computer! For over a week I would get up at night and walk past my office and I would have to turn the light on and just look around in amazement. Lynne is extremely professional and knowledgeable, and if she doesn’t have the answer right away she makes it a point to find out. More importantly, Lynne works with me on my decisions to keep, throw away or donate etc… There have been some hurdles on my end and she has stuck with me, not allowing me to loose sight of my goal.

Robin  Multiple home spaces

I am so happy that Lynne came into my life. I asked for help; it amazed me that she said she would help me. Lynne made me feel really good about asking for help. I have been looking for someone to help me to get organized for a really long time. Since we have been working together I have learned a lot; she has taught me to not be afraid to get rid of things and how to set up systems. We are going to succeed in what I want done with my apartment. Lynne is kind, patient and I like working with her. Lynne is the kind of person I needed to help me reach my goals. Thank you!

Anonymous  Basement

I find myself going down to the basement every day to admire it. You are helping me reclaim my house. Everything is getting a “home.” 

Pam  Office

Lynne did a great job of helping me get on track with office organization. My ability to stay on top of piles ebbs and flows with my schedule but Lynne provided me with tools, encouragement and advice. Her enthusiasm and kindness are infectious! 

Mary Kay  Downsizing / Transitional

Wholly Organized tackled a very challenging transition for my dad. After my mom passed, Lynne stepped in to assess our organizing needs and worked diligently to make our plans happen. She sorted and arranged for the removal of 50 years of useless items that were stored in my parents’ home. She emphasized recycling and finding buyers for items that had maintained value. Her skills keeping track of donated items for tax purposes were an added benefit. She was very trustworthy and a pleasure to have as a professional support during a very trying time. As an added plus, Lynne was a delight to work with. We will not hesitate to hire her again to tackle the next transition.

Judy  Basement 

Lynne’s services were the best. She assisted my husband and me in organizing our storage locker. It had become a collecting spot for everything (fishing gear, golf clubs, garden implements, tools, paint, household supplies) and I needed a spot for my sewing, wood crafts, and photography. We worked together to de-clutter and clean up the space. We packed up things that I had wanted to give my kids for years. We donated a number of items. She kept me moving through the process, supported me along the way, and mediated decision making as necessary. She is very skilled in working with couples and making sure all concerns are heard. She categorizes items, labeled items, and placed items in available storage to maximize space and accessibility.

Charlotte  Downsizing

My parents lived in the same house for 49 years. Both of them in their nineties, they recently decided it was time to move to a place with less upkeep. I was faced with the daunting task of assisting them in the enormous task of downsizing and moving. However, while juggling my job and the other things on my plate I wasn’t sure how we were going to pull it off. This is where Lynne, Wholly Organized! LLC, came in and turned the situation from impossible to possible. My parents were reluctant to hire a professional organizer, but at the first meeting with my parents, Lynne hit it off with them immediately, and their reluctance turned into enthusiasm. Further, my mother is very hard of hearing, but Lynne knew how to communicate successfully with her right away. She respected their right to self-determination and autonomy, but still got the job done in the short window that we had available to us. My parents are settled into their new apartment, and I don’t see how we could have done it without Lynne’s help.

Brent  Store Basement

When I presented Lynne with the task of transforming our basement into a functional space, I had no idea the changes that would take place. The basement was cluttered and virtually unusable at the time. Additionally, our staff loathed the thought of having to retrieve items from the basement.
We scheduled a day for Wholly Organized! and Lynne to come work her magic, and with the help of one of my employees, within 3 hours the basement was shockingly different. It was like night and day. There was so much new space, less clutter and everything had been organized. We used it to store extra supplies and stage large customer orders during our busy Christmas season. In the past, everything would have been stored in what little extra space we have in our main work area, which made for less than ideal working conditions. An added bonus, my employees are no longer scared to use the basement! I can’t say enough about the positive changes that have come as a result of Lynne’s efforts.

Colleen  Multiple home spaces / Moving

I started working with Lynne to de-clutter our house. During this process, we decided to put our house on the market. We shifted gears and strategized to donate more items, pack up non-essential items, and create a moving plan. In our new house, Lynne assisted me with getting things in their homes and setting up some areas. She is very helpful in giving me direction when I need it. It can be difficult to get rid of things that you have been keeping around, even if you don’t use them. We work well together and are always able to accomplish many tasks during a session. Organizing comes natural to me and I love the process, yet I have found it more beneficial and productive to work alongside with Lynne. As a busy Mom with a lot on my plate, having an extra set of hands is a bonus. 

Charmaine  Office / Basement

I had reached a point where I desperately wanted to get rid of all the “stuff” we had accumulated over the years and organize what was left. I happened to catch Lynne on Channel 3 one morning talking about her services and decided to make the call. I immediately felt comfortable with her down-to-earth yet professional style. Lynne took the time to get to know me, and what my goals were. I was a little embarrassed by my accumulation of “stuff”, but Lynne never judged or made me feel foolish. She worked side by side with me to sort through and eliminate unnecessary items showing me how and where to dispose of or recycle papers, electronics and all the other miscellaneous clutter. Then she helped me organize the rest. My desk is now clear of clutter and unfiled papers and I’ve been able to keep it that way – what a great feeling! I was somewhat uneasy about spending the money to hire a professional organizer, but after working with Lynne and accomplishing the organizing of my office and basement, I can say she is worth every penny! I’m so glad I did it. Not only that, but I’m not so intimidated by the process anymore and feel more confident about de-cluttering and organizing other areas of the house on my own.  

Diane  Multiple home spaces

I was overwhelmed by the thought of getting started with the process of organizing my home. Lynne has helped me define my goals, map out steps, and has given me ideas on how to stay focused. She has helped me by tackling areas in sections and providing me with guidance with donating items. I most appreciate the accountability factor of Lynne showing up consistently to work with me. Lynne has got me going and I am feeling confident about my decision making! 

Jennifer  Office / Garage

Lynne was a great help in getting my home office organized. I had stacks of paper that needed to be sorted and filed or shredded. It was a task I didn’t look forward to and Lynne helped a great deal with that. She also helped us organize our garage. We were lucky to park one car in the three-car garage! We went through the garage and donated what could be donated and got rid of a lot of things that had just been piling up, as well as organizing what we had into areas of use. I can now say we fit both our cars the garage and I know where to find my yard tools when they are needed!

Lisa  Multiple home spaces

I have gotten exponentially more done working with Lynne than I could ever have done by myself. Lynne has taught me methods that work for me and linked me to valuable resources. Because my spaces, paper, and life are more organized, I feel less stressed, less overwhelmed, and more capable of keeping things organized on my own, long-term. The progress we’ve made exceeds what I imagined possible in such a short time.  

Yvette  Multiple home spaces

I contacted Lynne at Wholly Organized in the summer of 2013. At the time, I felt incapable of tackling the organization and cleaning out that needed to occur in my home, but since it was an everyday concern, I knew I needed to start working on it. Like many people, I was consumed by paper and my various jobs made the influx of paper a constant in my home. Lynne has been such a blessing. She entered my home, treated me and my home with respect, and supported my entry into sorting, trashing, and organizing. After one session, I felt empowered to tackle some things on my own. We’ve worked together several times since and since our last session, I’ve managed to clean out, sort, and organize the garage on my own, as well as, maintaining my organization in other areas of the home. I can even sleep in a newly redecorated and organized bedroom! Thanks to Lynne and Wholly Organized I have a new outlook on coping with paper and with approaching clutter. 

Patricia  Multiple home spaces

What a positive difference we’ve made in nine months. You’ve worked with what I own. Your toolbox is rich with seeing what is there with new eyes (not scrap it and spend money). I really appreciate how you wind down sessions with post-its for what I can achieve in the time between meetings. You have empowered me to be independent. Today I have the makings of a sanctuary. I’ve been honored to experience your unique set of gifts and talents that embody a service called Wholly Organized! 

Jessica  Paper / Multiple home spaces

Being in a paper-heavy business, I am constantly battling how to keep it all in order. Lynne has provided me with processes customized to my style. When we tackled my work office, people noticed the transformation immediately! I was so pleased with the results that I have asked her to help me with our home and no area is off limits.

Kelly  Entry / Basement

I absolutely LOVE working with Wholly Organized! Lynne is kind, professional and inspirational. She enters your home with an open and judgment free mind and she leaves your home with a plan of action. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to organize their home and their life, as she has helped me to do so in so many ways. She’s motivating and inspiring and has helped me to become a more organized and productive individual! Thank you Lynne!

Lisa  Multiple home spaces

As always, thanks for your help, your encouragement, and for teaching me some invaluable tools for working on my own, too! 

Darrell  Multiple home spaces

Lynne is an excellent organizer and a great person to work with. I was unable to even get started on clearing out and organizing my house since my wife passed away, but with Lynne’s help a large part of the job is now done. Lynne worked quickly and efficiently, yet was sensitive to my emotional needs during the process. She even went out of her way to suggest resources and strategies for the grieving process. 

Marie  Basement

Working with Lynne gave me the courage to tackle the basement and the motivation to keep going. Without having the basement done, I probably wouldn’t of put the house on the market. After 7 days on the market and three bidders, the house sold! I thought about organizing and selling the house for years and finally with the help of Wholly Organized, I did it!

Meagen  Moving / Transitions / Office

I called Lynne because we were moving to a new home, and also transitioning stages of life. In particular, we needed to get rid of all our old baby items, and also I needed to organize my home office for a new job in a new space. Lynne was full of helpful tips for how to create a workspace designed for my work habits. Working side-by-side with her efficiency and expertise, I was able to sort and pack more in my 3-hour sessions with Lynne than I could in 8 hours without her. We decided to donate to Salvation Army and she knew exactly how to package and itemize the donations to make the process quick and easy. With our busy schedules, I had just one day to unpack my office to a workable state, and Lynne exceeded my expectations. And on top of all that, Lynne is fun, upbeat and professional, changing the process from a dreaded chore to an anticipated joy.

Joanna  Multiple home spaces

Lynne inspired me to not only clean up my clutter, but taught me lifetime skills to keep my home clutter free! I am so grateful that she showed genuine compassion in teaching me to implement organizational skills that were individualized and continue to work for us! She is worth every penny and then some!


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