Defining Enough Is Personal

Enough Is Relative

One may think that the amount of dishes in this picture is a little too much.
What is important is that we define what is enough for ourselves. At our previous
home (which we “right-sized” ) we had lots of cabinets. They were filled with things that we did not use.

We are embarking on a kitchen/living space renovation. One contractor threw out
the idea of having 20 cabinets. Jason and I scratched our heads and thought, that doesn’t make sense for us. We quickly realized that we needed to define our vision
and our needs for the space. It is also important to invest some time looking at ideas that resemble our vision. Remembering what worked and didn’t work in our last space is a useful exercise too. The concept of “enough” is so much bigger than talking about a kitchen. Do you agree? As you make space in your life for what is important for you, remember you define what is enough.