Want an easy read with lots of useful tips? Then this is the book for you. Here are some bite size tips:
  • Afraid to get rid of things? If you throw it away today and think of it tomorrow,
    it’s probably only because you touched it today and remembered you had it. “Remembering isn’t the same as needing.”

  • Reading: If you set reading aside for an unspecified “later,” you are essentially deciding not to read it.

  • A link to your time system (calendar / lists) is the crucial step to accomplishing any action, including reading.

  • The Action File doesn’t tell you to perform the action; the time system does that.

  • File based on your plan for future use.

  • What is important about calendars? Have one.

  • Reverting to less organized habits occurs because we ignore the need for daily maintenance.

  • Ever say, “It was a gift,” so you keep it? Someone you love gave you a gift, you thank them, transaction complete. Use it, love it, or give it to someone who can.

  • Be sure to re-evaluate your systems to connect with your current life.