Coming and going from college for four years can really cause some clutter build up. Every time I would come home from school, more boxes and miscellaneous items would wind up in the back of the my closets. My family also started using one of my closets, since I’m the only one with two, for storing things that didn’t fit in theirs. So when I graduated this May all of the accumulation really hit me and I realized that I needed some help.

I have been fortunate enough to know Lynne my whole life, and I was thrilled when she agreed to help me with my closet problem.

Lynne & Jess 90's!


I couldn’t even see the floor in there anymore! I knew that having recently graduated, and planning to move in November, I needed to let go of some things and free up space.

Lynne is a close family friend, and at first I wasn’t sure how working with her as an organizer would be. Our relationship is similar to that of an aunt and niece, but as soon as the organizing process begun my reservations flew out the window. First she evaluated the situation, and we set up some goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of the day. Then we talked about things that I would be willing to get rid of, what kind of things we might find in the closet and what things I knew I wanted to keep.

Lynne & Jess

As we got to work on clearing out the closets so we could see everything that we needed to deal with, I realized more and more how overwhelmed I would’ve been without Lynne helping me. I think that it’s very easy to say “I can do it myself” or “I don’t really need the help”, but sometimes, you do! If I had tried to tackle the task myself, I think I would’ve quit about halfway through. Lynne kept me motivated, kept me on task with lots of piles, sticky notes and planning, and eased me through an otherwise daunting task.

Lynne was understanding about things that I wanted to keep, and caught on quickly about which items might be important to me and what things I wasn’t attached to. She was also great at delegating things that we could tackle separately, to get the job done more efficiently. At the end of the time, I felt so relieved and like I had done something really significant as a step forward in my post-grad life.

There were still some things that we didn’t get to, so Lynne left me with a simple list of tasks that I have been working on day by day since we did my closets. It is nice to have that written out, and its on the wall in between the closets. Checking one thing off of my list each day makes me feel accomplished and successful.


Before when I opened my closet doors, I felt stifled and like I couldn’t breathe looking at them. Now I can see the floor in there again, everything is neatly in its place and all of the things that I really didn’t need will be donated to people who can enjoy them. I can’t thank Lynne enough for such a positive and rewarding experience. If this situation sounds like something you might be going through, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Get your post-grad life on the right track to being Wholly Organized.

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-Jess Antrobus

Friend and Director of Social Media Marketing for Wholly Organized!LLC