More Spirit, Less Stuff

Wholly Organized! clients often want to live with less. This is the story of Gene & Margaret. (names changed of course) Gene has developed memory issues and Margaret sees the writing on the wall….there may come a time when her husband will need to move into an assisted living facility.

Margaret called me to help her downsize and prepare for this possibility. One day, as I helped Margaret lift down very large bins, she opened the first one and she said, “I’m ready, it can all go.” What was in these bins, you ask? The bins contained dozens and dozens of Christmas decorations from years past: holly, teddy bears, mistletoe, candles, wreaths, snowmen, garland, and lights. You name it she had it. “I did it for years and I am ready to simplify,” said Margaret. “If I look at it all individually, I will want to keep it. I’ve decorated for years and I’m done,” she exclaimed.


She then lifted up a triangular box and said, “This is it! THIS is our Christmas tree now.” It was a $24.99 Charlie Brown tree. She laughed and smiled and I could see the stress melting away. We later went up to report our progress to Gene, carrying the Charlie Brown Tree, and together with laughter in their voices they said “yes, this is our tree now.” I said, “You are entering a new chapter and this tree represents three of your important values: Simplicity, Humor, and Love.


Margaret is so very pleased with the progress that she is making in the basement. Together we are getting her to her goal.

Another gift came this week. On a moment’s notice, Margaret’s dear cousin showed up to the house with her trailer. We loaded up all the bins and tethered them down and away they went to bless families at Salvation Army.


“It feels so good to finally tackle this stuff, after all it is only stuff,” Margaret shared.