When it comes to organizing, it is important to do a purge before getting started. Frequently my clients will donate things that were occupying bins, making the bins available for organizing un-homed items. This brings home the point- don’t buy organizing products until you have purged! 

After organizing over 250 people over the years, I have found some products that do make a space function more effectively.  Here are ten of the items that are worth the investment. 

Favorite Organizing Products:

  1. Clear Bins
  2. Brother P-touch Label Machine
  3. Slim Line Hangers
  4. IKEA Brogrund three-bar towel holder
  5. Helper Shelves
  6. Shelf Dividers
  7. Epson FastFoto Scanner
  8. Command Hooks 
  9. Super Sticky Post-it Notes
  10. Time Timer