Delegate- Yes!

Since August (my last post), I have been delegating. 🙂 Delegating is an art.  Delegating is about letting go.  An organizer needs to support their clients in their choices to let go and delegate.  What better way to support a client, than to practice the action?  I am practicing delegating and letting go during this holiday season.  In preparation for the Thanksgiving Meal this year, I was challenged to ask family members to bring more than I had asked in previous years.  My husband and I would do the turkey, stuffing, appetizer, and GET THE HOUSE READY!  The difficulty for me in delegating (and in this case – menu items) is that things are not exactly as I want them, they are not what I chose and prepared how I would prepare them, and may not look how I want them to look.  Who cares?  Well, I did and I have.  I want to change.  Why?  Because, I have too much to do and I don’t have to do it all.  My clients say the same thing.  A good friend of mine taught me an important question to ask when I am caught in the trap of not wanting to delegate or let go…it is “What is the resistance?” The next time you find yourself stuck in not wanting to delegate or let go, ask yourself this question.  Then, ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that can happen?” (can you live with it?…probably yes)  and “What good can come out of delegating or letting go?”  The worst thing would of been if someone forgot to bring a food item (let’s be real, we have enough to eat.) Because I delegated, I experienced relief, more calm, and more energy on the Friday after Thanksgiving than I ever have.  What will I delegate next?  Hmmm….