Is your e-mail box overwhelming?  Mine was. With five e-mail addresses, it’s a challenge to keep up. (I use mac mail, so all my e-mail is in one view).  I devised a plan.  Plan: Play music, follow the calendar, reward myself for the hard work, and use an app.

  1. Play Music:  turned on some peppy music on iTunes. *Kept me energized.
  2. Calendar:  cleaned out e-mail one month at a time. *Gave me a frame work and an ending to the pain.
  3. Reward:  for each month I cleaned out I ate an m&m *Something to look forward to.
  4. App: I enrolled all my e-mail addresses in to unsubcribe, “roll up,” or leave message in my inbox. *A long-term solution to keeping more stuff out of my inbox.

One week later and I am going strong. I admit, it feels weird to not have all that stuff in my inbox, like I am missing something.  Change is difficult, even when it is a “good” change.

What motivates you? Chocolate…in small doses? What plan will work for you? Or maybe you are one of those people that always clears their inbox. If yes, that is cool!